Why You Should Sell Your Insurance Agency In 2017

Many agency owners have now put their time, heart and energy into building their business. This is a part of their life. independent insurance agencies for sale is really a one-time event. So it makes sense to take your time and get it right at the first time. Like building a particular business, there’s no any exact cookie cutter approach in selling the business.

I believe really that market values are higher than they will be for a ten years and will crest within the next one and a half year. what is the best insurance agency finance:

1) Revenues for many agencies have been over the last years trending up. We carried out a lot of agency valuations each year and observed the turning point.

2) Buyer activity has dramatically increased over the past two years, tied to #1, and even acquisition money from both private equity and lenders has poured into the market just like a broken fire hydrant. The outcome has been a raise in transaction multiples of 15-20 percent.

3) Interest rates are been held at historic lows for a long time now by the federal government and will probably start to tick up, improving buyers’ cost of capital.

4) Insurance rates are really softening for most lines of business, that will likely decrease recent growth rates.

5) M&A activity usually follows a 10 year cycle which historically begins to bust in the second (2nd) half of the decade.

6) Consumer buying behavior, competition, and profitability in certain major lines of business, like auto, are going to erode revenues of agency over the next 5 years or more.

Each issue above alone is really nothing to fear however the combination of above one factor has a negative and a multiplying effect on the owner of an agency equity. We saw some factors here have come into play in the last recession and even had clients whose equity already shrank 30% or even more, that was the value of the equivalent of 2-3 x which they made each year. They worked for 2-3 years with no any financial benefit at the end.

I’m not now telling insurance owner in order to initiate their exit; but, if you’re within some years of it, this message then is for you. Market values are really as high as you will see.

Selling your agency personally, or working with a certain broker who doesn’t ask a lot of questions, may appear like the easier path to follow. It’s not. Eventually, you will have to then pass due diligence and I’m yet to get a buyer that does not dig deep when purchasing an insurance agency. Additionally, delaying the inevitable can set you easily on the path to a train wreck.

It can really be complicated to sell your insurance agency, so it assist to have an awesome team on your side. Our agency partners have the entire tools they need to sell or grow their business. We give a comprehensive and unique perpetuation and acquisition service that lets you to sell and even transition out of the sector over time. Call us now to learn more regarding how we can assist your insurance agency, whatever they need.

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